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{November 28, 2010}   What ever happened to the option of “Single”?

Met a friend out last night, and started talking to a guy, just cause I’m a Louisiana girl and would talk to the wall if it would stay still long enough, and he dumped on my his story of how he’s getting a divorce, but didn’t ask for it, and how he was taken by surprise by it, and blah, blah, blah.  I acted interested, but I wished I could find a way out of the conversation because it was just awkward.  He then asked about me; So are you married?  Nope.  Are you in a relationship?  Nope.  Are you a Lesbian?  Nope.  I looked at him with the strangest face after he asked me if I was a Lesbian and told him…I’m single, it’s not a bad thing.  Then he back peddled is thinking, but I really was done with the conversation by this point.

But – this Forced Divorced Man got me thinking…Why is the option of being single a bad one?  Because from where I’m standing today, it’s really not all that bad.


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