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{November 17, 2010}   Private Number

So – yet again – this story comes from meeting a dude off of the internet….

We email back and forth for a while and I give him my number, because I all honesty, I don’t want an “email friend”, I’m not in 4th grade any more and pen pals aren’t what I’m looking for.  If I was, I would mail my 4th grade pen pal.

So he calls me, but blocks his number, I don’t think anything of it, because after my last few dates, I wish I would have blocked my number from them!  So, we talk and things seem okay, and we talk about where we want to get together for a date.  I suggest just meeting at a bar for a drink, he tell me that he doesn’t drink so that won’t work.  I suggest coffee then, he says that’s not really what he had in mind….it was a constant, “no, your idea sucks” feeling, so finally I asked him what did he want to do….and he responded bowling.  Now – I HATE bowling, so I tried to explain to him that bowling is not my favorite thing, I actually think I told him that I hate it with passion.  I would have thought he would have said – oh, okay and suggest something different.  Nope, he didn’t, he continued to push the idea of bowling.  It was a good fifteen minute conversation about HE feels comfortable there, and HE really likes to bowl, and HE, and HE, and HE…so finally I just said – fine, whatever, I’ll go bowling…

Well, I went bowling, it wasn’t horrible and we even set up another date.

That day rolls around, and it was a little crazy because my mom was coming in for a visit and I had to make sure that my house was “mom” cleaned, he calls – blocks his number again, to confirm where we were going to meet and all that jazz.  And of coarse I’m running late, and should have left my house 10 minutes ago, and I told him that, and he got a little frustrated, but I just let him know that things happen.  While I was on the phone with him, I tried to open my garage door and it wouldn’t open, and with my car in the garage, that’s a problem.  He automatically assumed I was going to cancel (and in hind-sight, I think he thought I was trying to stand him up) but I assured him that I wasn’t but if he would give me his number, I would call him back after I figured out why my garage wouldn’t open.  He then got all flabbergasted and insisted that HE would call me back in 10 minutes, because I should have it fixed by then….I think I told him that he was being an ass, but whatever.  So, I get out of my garage, he calls me back, with his number blocked – AGAIN and we meet to go eat sushi.  We walk into the sushi place about 10 minutes before they close for the afternoon and walk straight to a booth.  I asked him if it was okay that we are here and maybe we should go to another place that’s not about to close, when he informed me that he knew the owner and it was cool…THEN he pulled out his cell phone, and called the owner, instead of walking the 50 feet to the sushi bar to let him know we were there….awkward!

So our waiter comes over, Private Number orders at least 10 rolls and then he said  – get yours…I wasn’t taken a back at the amount of sushi rolls he ordered, but I was taken a back at how he barked at me to order, that I was tongue tied, taken very off guard, and just caught by surprise.  I ordered my lunch and we started talking.  While talking, I open my chop sticks and start to play with the paper, he took it out of my hand, and scolded me to stop fidgeting, like my father use to, and then continued on with the conversation…so lunch wasn’t horrible and we left it open that we would talk and see each other again, but after my mom left, and even though he irked me a little, but he didn’t shy away from me calling him out on things, so I though, let’s just get to know one another and what’s the worst that could happen, I might have a new friend..right?

My mom was in town for the week, and I heard from him once, a very weird conversation indeed:

Private Number – I sent you an email – go check it.

Me – why don’t you just tell me now, cause we’re on the phone with each other?

Private Number – just check your email

….and then he hangs up, so curiosity, I go check my email, and it get’s even weirder:

Private Number  – Do you know a guy named Marice?  He’s a white guy, even though it sounds like a black dude, he drives a white SUV

Me – Nope

Private Number – Are you sure – he lives in (some town that I have NO idea where it is), he’s car is white and he has rims.

Me – No, I don’t know anyone by that name, I don’t even know where that town is, and why would I care if he was black, white, or purple, I don’t know him or his rims….

Private Number – ok, thanks

Me – Really, what is this about?

No response, and I get an unknown call/private number every once in a while – maybe it’s Private Number looking for that dude who’s white with a black name and his white SUV with rims….


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