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{October 22, 2010}   The disappearing act…

Have you ever wondered what happens to a guy when they just disappear for no reason?  I like to pretend that they must have died, it makes the rejections just a little bit easier.

It’s a story that everyone knows and way too many of us have experienced – – –  I met a guy, we talked, text, and arranged a time and place for our first date.  The date was a great first date, no awkward silences, weird questions, or red flags.  He enjoys a drink or two, knows how to hold a conversation, knows how to give a compliment, and walks me to my car like a gentleman.  A second date is planned, but the location isn’t set in stone,  before we both leave for our homes, and the next day HE texts me.  Sounds like a script to a romantic comedy, right?  The second date isn’t for a few days, but we talk or text every day in between.  Finally it’s time for our second date, I even go out and get a new shirt, just cause…..and I wait for a phone call.  I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait…..and I hear NOTHING…

The only conclusion that is rational to me  – he’s dead.  RIP Dead boy.




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