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{October 16, 2010}   Dinner at 5? That should have been my first clue…

I am on a free online dating website, and this is were I met my “blue light special” date.

First of all, I am not quick to meet people, and I know that people lie, post old pictures and etc.  Second of all, I’m just too nice.

So I met this date on the free online website…his profile seemed updated, had correct grammar and didn’t have any misspelled words or incomplete sentences.  We emailed back and forth, then exchanged phone numbers, and talked for a week or two before he suggested that we meet.  His profile said he was forty, and he had a job…I thought he was at least someone worth meeting.

Our date:  We met at Fridays, in the bar area.  I wore a black summer dress, just because it’s too hot in the summer for anything else, and it looks cute.  I didn’t think about the time, 5 o’clock, I just thought we were meeting for a drink at happy hour.  I walked in, and well, he wasn’t 40, at least not in 2010…I would guess he was forty in 2000.

Here’s where I’m too nice – I stayed…all of my friend told me I should have left, because he lied, but I just don’t know how to do that….

So, I said hello, introduced myself, and sat down at the booth he had for us.  As soon as I sat, the waitress was hovering over our table, I told myself, “stay for one drink, be polite, and then leave”, but Geriatric Guy had a different plan…before I could say boo, he ordered two appetizers and then ordered a second drink for himself.  That’s when I thought, well shit, might as well drink on his dollar, and ordered a beer.

Sitting across from Geriatric Guy (GG for short), I was able to look at him up close and noticed his sunken in cheeks, his old man shirt and drink, 7 & 7.   It was the most uncomfortable that I’ve been in a long time.  And the longer I sat there, the lower and lower my dress became and the more my boobs were showing.  It was just sooo awkward!  We had the normal, blind date conversations, asked about where each of us were from, what we do for a living, blah, blah, blah.  Then the topic of marriage and children came up.  He is divorced and had kids, neither is a problem for me.  It did become a problem when he told me his YOUNGEST is 26!!!  Ummm…did you not realize that I’m closer in age to your children than you.  I never asked GG how old he was, I just couldn’t form the question, and in all honesty, I didn’t want to know…

The conversation wasn’t horrible, but I felt like I was talking to my own father, so I figured I got my dad conversation for the month over.  But I’m not going on dates to have “dad” conversations!!

Finally, the date was winding down, and GG asked “So, shall we continue this into the evening?”  I basically SCREAMED NO at him, so quickly, I think we both jumped.  I then quickly added the excuse that I had to babysit early in the morning, and need to get home (at 6pm).  He walked me to my car, or the curb were my car was, I said goodbye and avoided any contact with him.  All signs that scream, “Please don’t contact me EVER again!”

The kicker was, the next morning, I wake up to a text message from GG that reads: “I could use some babysitting of my own, you sure you can’t babysit me?”


I never responded, and after he called me for a week and I ignored each call, he finally got the message….


Lisa says:

Jenn, this is hilarious! With all of the “bad dates” you’ve had within the past year, true love has 2 be waiting 4 u somewhere!!!

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